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    Post  johncrit on Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:36 pm

    1. Ingame name of your main and alts.

    main john criten alta itburnz and icelacky

    2. SP, of your main + alts, pointing out any specific training plans/abilities.

    john criten 40m sp hac,recon,command,interdictor,heavy interdictor,bs5,amarr and minnie

    itburnz 50m sp carrier pilot amarr has both a dread and carrier

    icelacky 37m sp gallante spec, hacs,bs,command all lvl 5

    3. how did you find out about us? reccomondations from ppl in/out of corp?

    seen you in local of a lowsec system i am based near

    4. RL and ingame age.

    33 rl ,7 ish years ingame

    5. Geographical location/operating TZ.


    6. TS3/TS2/Vent + working mic?


    7. Supply a snipe HAC fit.

    are you mad??

    8. Supply a snipe BS fit.


    7 * Mega Beam II
    Small remote rep (Nothing else really fits)

    2* SB II

    2 * TE II
    2 * HS II
    MAR II
    2 * RCU II
    CPR II

    Energy Locus Coordinator (6.5M)
    Energy Discharge Elutriation (11M)
    Capacitor Control Circuit (If you want it)

    9. Last but not least, why do you want to join us?

    i like to blow stuff up and you guys look like, you like to blow stuff up too Smile

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