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    Post  Aslon Seridith on Thu May 13, 2010 1:07 pm


    As me and Twister run alot into people that have 0% chance of joining due their 100% spies. We often play a game with em. This mostly turns out into very hilarious convos Laughing

    In this section we'll post all of em for you to read and laugh.

    Topic Name:
    Name of the recruit + Some stuff about him that make him epic fail, like his killboard, his past corp/alliances, losses etc. Like: Gerard Firetoe - Flies curses without neutralizers.
    Topic Post:
    In the actual topic you start with the convo and perhaps you do a small intro about how he found you or came in contact with you. After you pasted the convo you add his killboard linked.

    Have fun Very Happy Very Happy

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